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Aeromanagement Group is one of the most reputable aircraft management and brokerage firms in the aviation industry, recognized by many clients as honest and dependable. 


Aeromanagement Group was founded in 1983 with the purpose of expanding international jet trade between the United States and Europe. Over 30 years later, Aeromanagement has broadened its horizons, conducting hundreds of aircraft transactions, managing aircraft and providing logistical support to all corners of the globe.



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Your aircraft will be represented by very energetic and successful sales people, and backed by a very experienced research team. Your aircraft will have a worldwide presence via select trade publications, websites, trade shows, marketing campaigns, social media advertising, and direct contact with prospective buyers. Place your trust in Aeromanagement
Group and we will get you top dollar for your aircraft.  


Acquiring an aircraft can be a very complex and time consuming process. Many buyers unanimously agree that the two most difficult tasks are evaluating the right aircraft and navigating the closing process. By selecting Aeromanagement Group to exclusively acquire your aircraft, our specialists will handle all aspects of the negotiation process. 


Owning an aircraft, whether for business or pleasure is a major investment, and when you select Aeromangment Group you can rest assured that we place the same amount of care and attention to details in managing your most important asset as if it were our own. Whether you fly a Gulfstream 650 or a CJ1, you will enjoy the same 24 hour attention and support. 


We know that our clients have many choices when doing business and we appreciate the confidence and trust they place in Aeromanagement Group. We look forward to providing you with the best possible service in the future.