Our experienced EASA CAMO organization provides unparalleled quality, service and safety in aircraft maintenance and operations. 

Buying an Airplane

The first phase of buying an airplane is very critical

It is always prudent to consider a preliminary audit of the records and a visual inspection of the aircraft, as it is important having your “eyes” on site during a pre-purchase inspection. With the combined management resources of Aeromanagement USA and Aeromanagement Europe, our company has the ability to reach and respond to clients across the world. You can save on cost and time using our services.  



EU Regulations for Aircraft

EU regulations for aircraft operators are continuously changing and require continuous updating

If you intend to operate your EU registered aircraft in accordance with the new EASA Part-NCC regulation we offer a complete package, which includes all the required tasks. With the combined management force of Aeromanagement USA and Aeromanagement Europe our company has the ability to reach and respond to clients across the world. We also offer a complete management package that meets IOM’s requirements, if you intend to operate your aircraft in the Isle of Man. 

CAMO for Air Carriers

The CAMO for an air carrier requires many resources, both in manpower and time  

Sometimes you just need to cover peaks of workloads or a support to accomplish routine tasks. If you need more manpower and you are not in the position to hire more employees, you may be able to subcontract specific continuing airworthiness tasks, as allowed by EASA. Our organization is an approved EASA CAMO, with 30 years of experience in aircraft management with emphasis on airworthiness, maintenance, and operation. We can also offer our inspectors to supervise the work during a base maintenance check, if you don’t have qualified personnel or your technicians are not available. During the process we are constantly in contact with you and your personnel for instructions and feedback, essentially being your own “eyes” on site.