One of the main resources to stay on top of the market is to follow its evolution. That is why Aeromanagement Group constantly updates its industry analysis and market research that together enable its staff to understand daily changes both in the financial and technical aspects. This will lead to the identification of the real value of an aircraft. We provide detailed analysis of specific markets that are offered to our clients and include several valuable data upon request, some of the data is listed below. 


aircraft evaluation
& comparison

All evaluations will include:

Aircraft valuation
Analysis of the current market
Fleet status report
Market report
Current market value
Liquidation value

fair market

When determining value, an accurate aircraft evaluation must consider:

Physical condition
Maintenance status
State of maintenance records
Regulatory conformity
Operational status

MARKET trends
& reports

Our reports clearly indicate the historical data and future trends that bring detailed information that may be of great help in determining the right time and conditions to buy, sell or trade your aircraft.